BTC|USD – $13000 is Easy Loot

BTC|USD – $13000 is Easy Loot

Looking at the daily chart of Bitcoin , $12900 resistance is EASILY on the menu.

Bitcoin broke the 9950-10000 HEAVY resistance level with ease for the 1st time since May of last year besides in October when President Xi ‘endorsed’ Bitcoin . Wow what a night October 25th was, I made so many digital dollars in the span of 16 hours it was nuts.

The next short-term target for Bitcoin is at $10750, but then after that the next target is the $13000 resistance that stopped the move up in May of last year.

100MA about to cross over the 200MA in a bullish pattern for the 1st time since May 2019.

With all the indicators and TA pointing up, how could you be short?

I’m open to hear your thoughts, but really what are the bearish sentiments in crypto right now? There aren’t any. Is coronavirus bad for crypto??? No. It’s actually a really good thing for cryptos as well as all this economic turmoil around the world. Are we on the brink of a recession? Buy Bitcoin and Gold . Simple.

As always please do your own research, I am not a financial advisor.

Published at Sat, 15 Feb 2020 01:42:19 +0000

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