BTC (Y19.P6.Video.B) Cont.MacroOverview

BTC (Y19.P6.Video.B) Cont.MacroOverview


Yesterday i posted the 1st of many planned video’s to come.
The first video covered BTC at a high level, which encompassed the life cycle of Bitcoin and the many phases that make it up, which is based on my perception
and what I see from the historical data.

This video is to continue off from where I left yesterday to cover some other components I have observed with the bitcoin cycle.

To recap from the previous video, I pointed out the following
> The life cycle x2 and how we are moving to the 3rd life cycle
and why I think we are about to complete phase 1.

Now I talk about other components that I didn’t cover or just slightly touched on
These are:

>Symmetrical triangle
>Fib. pitchfork which gives us a channel overview and to understand how we change trends.
>Common baseline trend line for support
>Price pullback in the phases

I didn’t get to cover or demonstrate the usefullness of Fib.Circles and its relevance to today.
Especially around the pivotal point of 0.618, =7400 price range and its significance.
That will be the video after this.

Please gives a thumbs up if you agree or like it.

S.Sari /CyptoProspa

The Charts to go with this are here”

Published at Mon, 04 Nov 2019 08:23:39 +0000

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