BTC on a Rise

BTC on a Rise

Hi, as I previously mentioned -this is on a bullish rise, but it will need to build up steam to go even higher, so in order to do that -it will do corrective moves.

Right now, we do not have a bearish confirmation until a H-L-LH is formed, for now it is making a bearish Low; -a vague Low.

But to go Long here is to take Longs over a candle’s Overbought Area, a “Monthly High” candle which is sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Until two Bearish Monthly candles show up, this digital asset remains vague in my opinion, having a high risk on a bullish trade.


At this profile page, the shared analysis, ideas and also, the strategy of a chart belong to Khiwe. The technical set-ups are speculative, they are not guaranteed for accuracy or in completeness in the form of any content; -it is not to advice on financial markets. Please apply your own analysis and confirm it with price action.

Published at Thu, 26 Nov 2020 12:24:23 +0000

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