After a sharp fall in bitcoin prices in one day we saw the excitement in the market soar and now we are reducing that excitement with shorts fluctuating, bitcoin has been in the bearish channel for more than 2 years and 2020 the year with halving news There are high hopes for a price rise above $20K but I think this is not going to happen this year, to reach such numbers first the price floor needs to be determined and this will happen this year, I think the price is between $5K and $7K It will fluctuate near halving and after a downtrend to $4K in the 2 weeks before halving, its bullish trend will try break 7K, the highest possible number that could achieve for this year may be 8100, but the floor price is how much? My calculations show that this year will reach Bitcoin to 2370 and it’s lowest price in the next 10 years.

bad az rizesh shadid bitcoin tavagho darim ke pas az modati navasan mabein 5k ta 7k dar 2 hafte mande be having yek rizesh be kanal 4k dashte bashim va az onja modati ravand soudi baraye shekaste kanal 7k dashte bashim, balatarin gheymat emsal mitavanad mahdodeh 8100 bashad ke an ham baeed be nazar miresad ama emsal hatman kaf gheymat 10 sal ayandeh dar kanal 2k etefagh khahad oftad va man fekr mikonam paien tarin add emsal 2370$ bashad.

Published at Mon, 23 Mar 2020 22:51:53 +0000

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