BTC: Focusing on short term trading target $9,200

BTC: Focusing on short term trading target $9,200

There are signs of the uptrend in the four-hour chart. If it runs above $9,250, then the rebound will continue to go up, and BTC will try to break through the $9,350 resistance. BTC is currently fluctuating around $9,200. Currently, it is not likely to go down the same as a rebound. technically speaking, this trend is definitely more difficult to fall.
However, the short-sellers are still the majority, the upward trend was suppressed by bearish sentiment while there was strong support around $9,100.
Short-term trading key points:
Entry: $9,150
Target: $9,250
Take profit $9,350-$9,450,

Short: $9,300-$9,350 if cannot break $9,350
Stop loss $9,450
Target $9,150-$9,050;

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Published at Fri, 08 Nov 2019 03:26:19 +0000

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