BTC crab, wedge, pennant – All three ??

BTC crab, wedge, pennant – All three ??

Possible short and long position coming up that may set off the next break out of the bull pennant .

Bear with me its confusing

1. We have what appears to be a rising wedge inside the yuuugge bull pennant
2. Inside the rising wedge we have a bullish crab , butterfly or Gartley forming, Im leaning toward the crab since it lines up with the rising wedge target.

The rising Wedge break out to the lower should put us at the bullish crab CD leg, crabs have long C-D legs making it profitable to short, then long it on the bounce

Long Targets
TP1-61.8% CD TP1
TP2-127% CD TP2

Short Targets– Bottom trendline of the Bull pennant

Do your own research
Not financial advice.

Published at Thu, 04 Mar 2021 01:48:14 +0000

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