BTC Bart Fractal|Strong Resistance|Need Volume Follow Through!!

BTC Bart Fractal|Strong Resistance|Need Volume Follow Through!!

rTpmOU - BTC Bart Fractal|Strong Resistance|Need Volume Follow Through!!

Hello Traders,

Today’s update will be on Bitcoins recent developments, where a possible fractal is playing out with a confirmed Bart pattern. BTC is now trading at a very strong resistant point which can only be broken with strong bull volume .

Will bulls have enough in the tank to break resistance or is a retracement back to support more probable?

Points to consider,
– Trend confirmed Bart pattern
– Local Support Respected
– Local Resistance is in Confluence with Structural Resistance
RSI Neutral
– Stochastics Projected upwards
EMA yet to turn bullish
Volume needs follow through

The recent trend in Bitcoin’s price has been following a fractal with a confirmed Bart from local support. BTC consolidated before an impulse move down, where bulls instantaneously showed up to move price right back in to resistance. The current level that is being tested needs to break for strong bullish momentum.

Local support was respected by Bitcoin , confirming the S/R flip. This signalled that buyers were strong, putting in a healthy retest of previous resistance. Local Resistance however is in confluence with the macro structural resistance. This is a very strong area that Bitcoin needs to break for continued bullish momentum. For this to come to fruition, we need strong follow through with bull volume , otherwise price will retrace back to local support.

RSI is currently testing resistance in neutral territory; it is not in overbought nor oversold at current given time. The Stochastics is projected upwards, we still have momentum stored to the upside if Bitcoin is capable of breaking the strong resistance.

The EMA’s are yet to turn completely bullish , the yellow EMA needs to cross the blue EMA to confirm bull momentum. Volume is very important right now for Bitcoin , we need an increase in bull volume , currently it is looking very weak.

Overall, In My Opinion, local support has been tested and respected, but we do have very strong resistance levels that need to break. Volume is very key right now, like I mentioned, it does look quite weak but it is too early to tell. A retest of local support again is quite probable at current given time before an impulse break of major resistance levels.

What are your thoughts on the recent developments of Bitcoin?

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Published at Mon, 11 Nov 2019 03:06:25 +0000

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