BTC – 15 Minute – My Thoughts

BTC – 15 Minute – My Thoughts

Hello folks, This chart is really for scalpers. If extreme volatility candle action freaks you out, I suggest you don’t look at this time frame.

We have strong support at POC , .618 fib golden pocket and the 20 MA.

My thought, we are in a mid and long term bull run and plan to trade accordingly. That said, I feel even in the short term, we are going to see the breakout upward. The problem with this area is that there isn’t much ratio between profits and loss. So in my opinion it’s a risky area. The reason why i feel it is risky is that you are required to set a tight stop losses, and like all good traders you need be totally disciplined when to take profits.

Range: 11,200 to 10,600

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I am not an investment adviser, i suggest you study and do your own homework to double check everything I show on my chart.

Published at Wed, 16 Sep 2020 05:58:20 +0000

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