Bitcoin top prediction: $300k in August 2021 ?!

Bitcoin top prediction: $300k in August 2021 ?!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another update on Bitcoin!

Just a quick note – I am much more active with updates and trade signals on Twitter . So follow me there if you wish. ***** Twitter Handle: @Leb_Crypto *****

That being said, I believe with high confidence that BTC’s bottom is in @ $6.3k and the long-term bull cycle is back to full swing.

Based on the Logarithmic MACD and the Squeeze Momentum indicators on Bitcoin’s monthly chart, combined with the main trendlines , I will be holding by Bitcoin HODL stack until August 2021 – where I believe Bitcoin will likely top out.

There are many other scenarios that present shorter or longer term cycles – all are valid and you should analyze them and come up with your own game plan.

I’ll just say this: WHEN Bitcoin breaks the $250k mark, I will become much more vigilant and will begin scaling out of my Bitcoin HODL positions.

Until then, I’ll keep swing trading the Bitcoin chart with my Bitcoin trading bag as technicals present themselves.

P.S. The USD ( DXY chart) is looking toppy and bearish actually. If the USD goes lower and enters a bear market in 2020, this will be beneficial for the crypto space as a whole (similar to 2016-2017’s bearish US Dollar )

Leb Crypto

Published at Thu, 16 Jan 2020 12:55:43 +0000

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