Bitcoin RSI Bullish Divergence Must Be Fulfilled

Bitcoin RSI Bullish Divergence Must Be Fulfilled

$9K sits at the 61.8 Golden Ration Level ($9019)

This a trade idea.

*** Trades should not be placed based upon what you see here! Do your own research and manage your own risk.

Only trade the breakouts to be safe and not be sorry. Wait for confirmation of price direction prior to putting in your trade.

Remember to always, always place your stop loss at the appropriate levels immediately after you have put in your long/short position so as not to get wrecked with your trades.

>>>>> Always be prepared for either scenario of upwards movement, downwards movement, or sometimes even sideways movement (consolidation phase & sometimes even extended consolidation phases). <<<<<

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More Power To All Your Trades,
Ron (The Intrepid Trader)

Published at Sat, 09 Nov 2019 17:37:47 +0000

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