Bitcoin on 15min 1hr

Bitcoin on 15min 1hr

Bitcoin make first test og scd band on 15min before and on small time frame it was gapping up at same time -it was
buy point.
Now it’s going for second test of scd green band on 15min. Let’s see if it holds. I will not looking to buy on this retest as this will be not the first one and a lot of top spikes and much smaller on the bottom on 1 hr candles telling me that price could go down for retest of scd band on 1hr now.On 1hr red scd band was resistance and now it may turn support i will look to buy on configuration on smaller time frame on retest scd band on 1hr around 3600-37000.
Let’s see
I am holding some positions from 32600

Published at Thu, 14 Jan 2021 10:56:24 +0000

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