BITCOIN looks very BULLISH – This is where you can BUY

BITCOIN looks very BULLISH – This is where you can BUY

Hey tradomaniacs,

Bitcoin looks overall very bullish and could initiate new Up-MOMENTUM very soon in order to continue the uptrend.

In this scenario I can clearly see two chance to buy Bitcoin after the breakout of the current correction in form of a FLAG-Pattern.
The market is currently fighting between three significant MA`s and has shown more momentum upwards after breaking above the 200 M/A which could be our new support.

The best scenario would be another re-test of 6.000 which is a high supply-zone looking at the weekly chart.
We`d have a nice chance to buy Bitcoin for a low price before it should get back to 12.000 – 14.000.

The second chance to buy would be the break above the current trendline and resistance-fan the market has created @ 9.000.
Wait for the brekaout and a retest of the current market-structure before you buy.

We see lots of bullish divergences indicating a weakness of bears here.

Good Luck! =)


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Published at Sun, 12 Jan 2020 10:02:45 +0000

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