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How low can Bitcoin scramble? Tune in for the most correct market prognosis on YouTube, interact up some alt coin gemstones and secure pleasure from the vibes. Crypto Lifer compares the BTC and ETH charts to the S&P 500, DXY, Bitcoin Dominance charts plus other market indicators to settle it all out. Plus the Lifer finds his trade of the day and takes expansive chat requests for technical prognosis.

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• Trading or investing in cryptocurrency is inherently unstable and can lead to gargantuan losses. Continuously behavior your contain study and search recommendation from a licensed financial expert. Crypto Lifer is no longer a licensed financial expert and NEVER offers financial recommendation. Past performance would possibly per chance well per chance also merely no longer be identical outdated and is no longer a assured indicator of future results. The divulge material mentioned on the Crypto Lifer YouTube Channel is completely for informational, tutorial, and entertainment applications and shall no longer be construed as a solicitation or recommendation to copy, replicate, or replicate any opinions, recommendations, or trades
• Infrequently, Crypto Lifer will discuss projects, tokens, products and providers, or entities after receiving compensation or other advantages from the folk or entities promoting these projects, and in these conditions, Crypto Lifer will frequently entirely portray that relationship.

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