Bitcoin (BTC) – October 27 (trend expansion-2)

Bitcoin (BTC) – October 27 (trend expansion-2)

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Volatility occurred as it crossed the uptrend line (8).

I think you have reconfirmed the support point by touching near the 12780.96 point.
In addition, I think that by touching the 13147.08 point or higher, we have expressed our willingness to ascend.

If a sharp rise touches near the 13970.0 point, the uptrend is expected to break.
So, I think there should be an uptrend with some gentle slope.

That said, you shouldn’t touch the uptrend line (3).

If it falls at 12780.96, it is a short-term Stop Loss.

You’ll have to see if you want to create a new trend line and continue the uptrend, or sideways until you hit the uptrend line (7).

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(Coinbase BTCUSD 1D chart)

Expect to deviate from the uptrend line (3).
There was a volatility that touched the 12808.0 points and the 13202.63 points.
We have to see if we can keep the 12808.0 point.
If it falls at 12808.0, it is a short-term stop loss.

————————————————– ——-


Departing from the uptrend line (3), it touches near the 12729.2 point and is rising.
We have to see if we can continue to hold point 12729.2.
If it falls at 12729.2, it is a short-term Stop Loss.

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( BTC Dominance 1D Chart)

We’ll see if we can get resistance at 62.35 and drop below 62.12.
Also, make sure you are touching the 63.38 point.

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(USDT Dominance 1D Chart)

You need to check for volatility around October 28 (October 27-29).
It is breaking above the downtrend line (1).
You need to see if you can get resistance at the downtrend line (2).
Also, it remains to be seen if it can fall below the 4.163 point.

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** Check support, resistance, and abbreviation points.
** Support or resistance is based on the closing price of the 1D chart.
** All explanations are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss on investment.

Explanation of abbreviations displayed on the chart
R: A point or section of resistance that requires a response to preserve profits
S-L: Stop-Loss point or section
S: A point or segment that can be bought for profit generation as a support point or segment

(Short-term Stop Loss can be said to be a point where profits and losses can be preserved or additionally entered through installment trading. You must trade from a short-term investment perspective.)

Published at Mon, 26 Oct 2020 20:57:43 +0000

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