Bitcoin $6000 Case Study | Post Halving Prediction 2020

Bitcoin $6000 Case Study | Post Halving Prediction 2020

Hey there traders,

Looking at the chart, It looks like there will be one last shake out before the 2020 Halving, Bitcoin is in what looks like a Bull Flag , but I’d guess its a bull trap, and we do one more shake out.

A lot of the indicators and the chart itself look like they want to line up for the Halving,

Around the halving;
BTC: $6000 Ish
SQZ indicator should have rolled over from red to the starting stages of green
VOL should tapper off a bit coming up to the halving
MACD could see one more beat down before rolling over.

If these predictions are somewhat correct, and BTC continues to trend down till the halving while all the indicators cool off and reset,
That would be EXTREMELY bullish for bitcoin leading up to the halving

As always do your own DD and GL to all

Published at Sun, 12 Jan 2020 18:06:56 +0000

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