BEEX.ONE Exchange Review – BabatOk Sirah

BEEX.ONE Exchange Review – BabatOk Sirah

It’s important to choose the right exchange. Also worth checking the cryptocurrency exchange rate between different platforms. Most cryptocurrency exchanges charge excessive fees for registering new tokens, high fees for every action they take and every transaction they make such as deposit fees, maker fees, taker fees, and withdrawal fees, all go to the exchange., simple, smart and anonymous, Fully Transparent First Integrated Crypto Exchange, made for small and medium-sized but impressive and unique blockchain projects. Every project can register on this exchange even for free with the support of its own community. This is based on a new exchange era that cares about the future of blockchain.
High-performance matching system designed for millions of concurrent transactions. It will further develop into a globally distributed multi-node system and provide crypto asset decentralization safeguards and decentralization services to retail institutions and investors.


Fully Transparent

Many exchanges claim to be transparent. However, in reality, not all of them can provide the level of transparency that they promised. For example, some exchanges tend to hide information about the fees they charge.
This is the first trading platform for which data is fully transparent and most reliable. In general, publish addresses to avoid malicious actions such as misappropriation of funds and ensure the absolute security of user assets.

Secure & Reliable

BEEX has a traditional level of financial, business and supervisory ability. BEEX will not store user assets in the future which eliminate rising assets, leverage without assets, manipulated liquidation, and hacking platforms. This is the safest and fastest wallet With the lowest cost, Works with all devices, with all users anywhere in the world.


Crypto deposits are almost free of cost, crypto withdraw and trading fee for filled order at 0.1%, Wire deposit or withdraw — 2%.

Fast funds Deposit

Add some funds from your Bee Wallet account and start trading with no delay. Just enter amount and start trading.

No bots, pumps & dumps

BEEX Exchange absolutely sure that trading bot are killing genuine trading. It doesn’t support speculative trading, pumps and dumps.

Maximum privacy

BEEX Exchange do not store and collect personal data. BEEX believe that every man around the world can earn money in privacy.

Fully transparent exchange, no order and no additional issuance, 100% BEE produced by mining, aggregate trading platforms, repurchases, invested by Pivot (Pivot is Blockchain and Community Cryptocurency at world class level), Trade Trade, daily mining collection , Regular production deductions, Activity Bonuses, Invitation Bonuses, BEE Rights, Buyback & Burning Token Plans, etc.

Published at Sun, 03 Nov 2019 04:03:51 +0000


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