Band Protocol Partners With WoodStock to Provide Financial Data

Band Protocol Partners With WoodStock to Provide Financial Data

We are excited to announce that Woodstock is joining the Band Protocol ecosystem as a data provider and as a future BandChain validator node.

Woodstock is an international multi-asset investment firm with a focus on distributed ledger technology, decentralized finance and web 3.0. With an extensive international network and strong base of operations in India, Woodstock will work alongside Band Protocol to expand use cases and drive partnerships with global projects.

Woodstock will work closely with Band Protocol to run Band Protocol node software as an accountable and reliable source to feed high-quality cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, and stock data. Additionally, Woodstock will be joining the BandChain ecosystem as a validator node upon its launch.

Through Band Protocol, Woodstock and other multi-asset investment firms are able to support the wider decentralized governance process and participate in the development of protocol standards. Woodstock brings both diversity and capability in driving oracle adoption. In addition, Woodstock has been one of our more active investors who connect local and international enterprises to Band Protocol.

Check out Woodstock’s in-depth report of Band Protocol:

Not a good reader? Listen to their podcast where we discuss the importance of data oracles and trustworthy data providers in servicing smart contracts, how Band Protocol is trying to solve that problem, our innovative token design, future plans and more.




Published at Tue, 29 Oct 2019 12:15:10 +0000


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