ascending triangle forming on 1INCH

ascending triangle forming on 1INCH

If I check the 15min timeframe it looks like it won’t breakout right away, it’ll take another dip before. However being the ascending triangle a continuation pattern, by rule this should break downwards.

If it goes down 2.9USDT is the first S, second one is the triangle bottom line, at that point we’ll see if this triangle will follow the “rules” or go up again.

This signal is more to give you guys some indications in case you want to fill your bags with 1INCH or just wanna ride it for a short time. I’m personally in until the end of the cycle as it did well last winter and I hope it’ll repeat his great performances.

Beside first internal S at 2.9 and the triangle’s bottom line, if we break I see 2.45USDT as first important support. If instead this turns out to be an unexpected bullish pattern I see 3.47USDT as first important resistance.

Good luck

Published at Wed, 15 Sep 2021 11:00:45 -0400

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