Anypay to Publish Routing Guarantees in Bitcoin Blockchain

Anypay to Publish Routing Guarantees in Bitcoin Blockchain

Portsmouth, New Hampshire


Today it is super simple to accept various forms of value such as Bitcoin for payment. To translate each form of value to what a business owner ultimately understands requires a trusted process of calculation. Within the value-net various machines route value information from one source to another like internet machines route packets of information. The most trusted routers of value will be transparent and predictable.

Anypay’s value router will timestamp a verified copy of its routing table in the Bitcoin blockchain. Each time value is to be routed a signed guarantee will be published for everyone to verify. Disputes will be easily resolved since all evidence will reside on the public ledger, legally signed. Businesses and families trust institutions who make good on their promises reliably for long periods of time, so we endeavor to establish a long chain of completed promises. In time the market for value routing may reward our consistency.

At present Anypay routes payments from one address to another instantly within the same value system. Our router maintains a routing table, a registry of addresses for which we monitor for payments. When a payment is received at one of the addresses within an acceptable timeframe it is instantly forwarded along to the output destination address stored in our routing table. For each input address in the routing table we can access the authorized signing key to forward the payment to any destination.

While our router has for years successfully forwarded thousands of transactions within a single coin we are now rolling out routing between value systems such as between BCH and BSV or between BCH and USDT(bch). As our routing guarantees become more complex to serve our customers’ requirements we have an opportunity to gain immense trust. We can provably and forever deliver on our routing guarantees using digitally signed promises in the permanent ledger.

By writing our routing table to the blockchain independent people may audit us and help guarantee extremely excellent service levels. Software developers and data analysts can prove that our system is invalid quickly to help us discover and remedy problems rapidly.

In working with hundreds of retail business owners and their customers our team at Anypay have drastically simplified receiving Bitcoin as payment in their stores. Repeatedly we learn that although direct payments are awesome everyone still wants more seamless transaction across different types of value systems. We endeavor to streamline transmission of value across group boundaries by building a most trusted router for the value-net.

Published at Mon, 23 Mar 2020 23:10:39 +0000

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