Accepted Here: Vision – Accepted Here

Accepted Here: Vision – Accepted Here

The phrase “mass adoption” has already become a cliche in the crypto community. Whenever someone unironically mentions it, we now automatically take the statement with a grain of salt. At first glance, this skepticism sounds quite justified — so many talks about mass adoption, but it doesn’t seem to get a single iota closer and remains as unreachable as the skyline.

We created Accepted Here to prove the skepticism wrong and show that mass adoption isn’t a myth on the example of a growing number of real companies accepting cryptocurrency.

Ideally, Accepted Here should become another reminder for HODLers that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were conceived to be not only store of value, but also a mean of exchange and now, a decade since creation of Bitcoin, they can really be spent on a multitude goods and services without a need to convert it to fiat.

Moreover, we find it essential to show business owners that it’s not that difficult to start accepting crypto and it can bring both short-term benefits in the form of new clients, and savings on processing fees and long-term benefits as the value of Bitcoin keeps appreciating.

Our current database includes over 400 verified companies and 24 cryptocurrencies from all over the world.

At the moment we have 5 major priorities:

  1. Database Expansion. We are sure it’s only the tip of the iceberg and the real amount of companies accepting crypto is times bigger
  2. Offline Companies. In the nearest future we are planning to introduce the Map View feature, so you will be able to explore not only online merchants, but also brick and mortar companies nearby.
  3. Statistics. We are currently focusing on development of statistics instruments which will enable you to track the popularity of various coins and how it is changing with time.
  4. Collaboration with merchants. We are going to cooperate with merchants accepting crypto in order to help the boost their sales and find new customers. Hopefully, there will be special promo codes specially for Accepted Here users.
  5. Knowledge base. Our goal is to create an extensive info guide for companies which are considering to start accepting crypto. We will try to teach how to pick the best payment gateway, which coins to choose and answer the most pressing legal questions.

Would like to see you company on Accepted Here? Have a collaboration idea?

We are open to any suggestions. Just drop us a line!


Published at Tue, 29 Oct 2019 12:20:18 +0000


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