11 Highly Recommended Reads for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

11 Highly Recommended Reads for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

In this article, I’ll provide a list of 11 books I have read that have benefited me and would also be very useful to cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This list cover a range of topics, with some books exclusively focused on bitcoin and cryptocurrency, while others are less directly related but will be useful if you are starting a business or venturing into the world of cryptocurrency trading.

The first recommended read on the list is a great introduction to learning about Bitcoin.

Mastering Bitcoin is the complete guide to understanding the world’s leading cryptocurrency and was written by Andreas Antonopoulos in 2015.

The book covers everything from the basics of Bitcoin, how to transact, how mining works and more. It is also useful for developers as it includes code examples in Python and C++.

Once you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll become very knowledgeable about the different aspects of Bitcoin. Antonopoulos also published Mastering Ethereum in 2018 if you want to read in-depth about the second most popular cryptocurrency.

Antonopoulos is known for his passionate and educational speeches he has delivered around the world.

The Internet of Money condenses most of his speeches into one book and provides more perspective on the economic and social aspects of bitcoin, while Mastering Bitcoin is more oriented to technical details.

One of the most fascinating series of events involving bitcoin is told by this book by Curtis Green, a former Silk Road admin, and reveals the inside story of the first Dark Net Market that propelled bitcoin into the public eye.

It was through The Gawker’s article on Silk Road that many people first heard about Bitcoin, and this book digs deeper, providing a behind-the-scenes account of how the admin got involved in the underground market and how he was eventually captured (and framed) by law enforcement.

Another book that goes deep into the history of Bitcoin is The Book of Satoshi, which collects all of Satoshi Nakamoto’s work into one.

Chris Burnike and Jack Tatar provide a comprehensive guide to not just bitcoin, but all crypto-assets making this book a must read for anyone interested in investing, trading or looking more closely at altcoins.

With a lack of fundamental framework, this book introduced concepts such as the Network Value to Transactions (NVT) ratio, among others, to formulate investment strategies for cryptocurrencies. I find myself referring to it when I want to use to data analyse different aspects of different coins.

The book also does an excellent job of explaning different crypto-assets, ICOs and different parts of the ecosystem (miners, developers, users). Cryptoassets also includes a list of useful resources for investors.

Written by Monero contributor SerHack, with contributions from the wider community, this book is a great introduction to the only fungible cryptocurrency.

It’s useful to beginners as well as more advanced users since you can read about how to set up a wallet, why privacy is important and how Monero’s cryptography works. Like Mastering Bitcoin, it also has Python and C++ tutorials.

Mastering Monero.

The proceeds of the book also go to the Monero development fund. The e-book is available for free here in case you don’t want to purchase it.

However, Bill Williams lays out his approach to trading in this book, explaning how to apply complexity theory and psychology to trading and why you can still make money if markets are chaotic and random.

Trading Chaos by Bill Williams, PhD.

Trading Chaos mainly covers the fractal nature of markets, Elliot Waves and Williams’ profitunity approach, but also has several sections dedicated to the psychology of trading.

This book helped me to cast aside unhelpful mantras such as ‘buy low and sell high’ and ‘the trend is your friend’ and instead focus on applying fractal analysis.

Williams’ book also opened my eyes to the importance of psychology and helped me to prepare my mindset when I am analysing the markets and trading.

The key thing that stuck with me from this book is the idea of getting yourself into a ‘have fun’ mindset when trading. Basically you have to trade without trying to solve a problem or thinking about the monetary gain, and you’ll really notice a difference inside yourself, in how you think and trade.

Another key takeaway is that trading is one of the only things where you are fully in control — you (and only you) must make decisions when to trade and when to enter/exit. If you evaluate your mindset and know you’re not ready to trade, wait for an opportunity where you are ready.

Special mention: 8. Bollinger on Bollinger Bands, John Bollinger

Bollinger has been trading since 1983 and his strategies are still relevant today, with the man himself frequently commentating on crypto markets.

While not directly related to cryptocurrency, this book does provide you with the tools you need to navigate the field of economics.

Debunking Economics by Steve Keen.

The book is a must read as it rips apart the economics orthodoxy by demonstrating that the mainstream school of thought is based on outdated mathematics and logical fallacies.

One of the most interesting chapters is the assessment of alternative schools of thought in economics, such as the Austrian school, econophysics, and Post Keynesians. Definitely a book you will not put down if you are a crypto-economist or if you are into the philosophy of science.

Special mention: 10. Economic Theory in Retrospect, Mark Blaug

The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Source: Flickr.

The book comprises 13 chapters with each chapter devoted to one aspect of warfare and the ramifications for military strategy.

These lessons can be learned and directly applied to the world of business, sports, and trading.

The poetic nature also means the book never gets boring and you can refer back to it when strategising your next trade or business venture.

The Art of War is such an important piece of literature, that military strategists in the 20th century have been inspired by Tzu’s work and is recommended reading for all US military intelligence personnel.

Despite Bitcoin being a peaceful revolution against the status quo, the Art of War should also be recommended reading for every bitcoiner to help further the cryptocurrency revolution.

And there you have my ten highly recommended reads for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. You can purchase these books with cryptocurrency by using Purse.io and save 20%.

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